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April 2013 - Herpes Workshop

The ASSG organised a workshop to provide an update on current knowledge of the oyster herpes and its impacts in France, England and Northern Ireland and to provide a forum to air our own concerns and to discuss best means to protect Scotland from this and other threats.


Speakers included Dr Mike Gubbins of CEFAS talking on the oyster herpes situation in England, Fabrice Richez gave us the inside story from France while Martin Flanigan told us about what practical measures they are putting in place in Northern Ireland including on-farm research methods.


While oyster herpes tends to get most attention, a recent scientific publication from Marine Scotland Science gives a timely reminder that oysters are not the only species under threat since if Marteilia, now found in England, were to be introduced in Scotland, the effects could be far more catastrophic.  One of the authors of this paper, Mar Marcos-Lopez from Marine Scotland Science will complete the programme of speakers talking on biosecurity and threats we need to keep well in mind.  Janet Brown who chaired the workshop found that the speakers provoked much debate from the audience.