conference 2012

1 Angus Garrett
1 David Attwood
1 Andy Fitzgerald


The ASSG’s annual conference includes a competition to find Scotland’s best shellfish:

Rock Oyster, Crassostrea gigas
Native Oyster, Ostrea edulis
Mussel, Mytlus edulis

1 Stephen Cameron
1 Keith Davidson
1 Joyce Carr


Scotlands Best Shellfish 2012

2012 Winners in Oban

Iain MacKay
Loch Fyne Oysters Ltd.
Best Mussels

Tristan Hugh-Jones
Loch Ryan Oyster Fishery
Best Native Oysters

Andy Abrahams
Colonsay Oysters
Best Rock Oysters

presentations now online!

DAY 1 Wednesday 24th October

1020 Conference Opening Speech, Roddy McCuish, Leader of Argyll and Bute Council

1040 Keynote Speech: ‘The Role of Aquaculture in the new CFP’ Courtney Hough - General Secretary of FEAP and EATIP

1130 Innovation in ormer farming - Tony Legg, Jersey Sea Farms (Ireland)

1200 Mussel and pearl farming around the world – a pictorial from Joe Jnr, Joe Franklin, Quality Equipment Group, New Zealand, (No download)

1430 Seafood in Schools – teaching the next generation to enjoy seafood!
Nicki Holmyard, Seafood in Schools Project

1500 Research Forum – a round-up of progress in current shellfish projects
Mussels Alive – Sara Barento, Swansea University
Bivalife – Ed Peeler, CEFAS, Weymouth
 Oysterecover – Sarah Culloty, Director, Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre, UCC
BEADS – Jean-Pierre Lacaze, Marine Scotland  

1630 Annual Shellfish Farm Survey Results - Andrew Mayes, Marine Scotland Science

DAY 2 Thursday 25th October

1015 Mussel spat abundance in Scottish waters – is it changing? - Keith Davidson, SAMS 
1045 The way forward for shellfish water quality – consultation update - Joyce Carr, Environmental Quality Division, Scottish Government

1115 Catchment Characterisation –The Future and a Different Approach - Andy Fitzgerald, Aquaprova 

1145 CO2 emissions and shellfish: long term developments and near term opportunities - Angus Garret, Seafish, (No download)

1215 The promotion of cultivated molluscs - Stephen Cameron, SSMG

1245 Oyster herpes virus - managing the risk - Loch Fyne Oysters, (No download)

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