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ASSG Conference 2017


The ASSG’s annual conference includes a competition to find Scotland’s best shellfish:


Rock Oyster, Crassostrea gigas

Native Oyster, Ostrea edulis

Mussel, Mytlus edulis


Do you have some to enter?

Shuck it and see?


Competition Format


1. Register your intention to compete, by entering on the form to the left.


2. Bring along a 1kg sample of live mussels (count 60-90/Kg) or 12 live oysters (range 80-120g).


3. Product will be held in chilled storage until 1230 on the 26th October, when the competition takes place.


4. Each mussel sample will be debyssed and cooked over high heat until the shells are open.  No flavourings or additives will be used.


5. Each oyster sample will be presented some unopened and some opened on one plate.


6. The origin of samples will be anonymous to the judges.


Competition Rules


1. All samples must come from registered Scottish farms and be accompanied by a despatch note to ensure traceability, and depuration certificates where necessary


2. Shellfish must be brought to the competition in a chill box to ensure the cool chain is not compromised


3. Competition entrants must be registered as delegates at the conference


4. One entry per registered farm


5. The decision of the judges is final.

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Day 1 - October 26th


12:10   Mr Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for the Rural Economy and Connectivity


Conference Session 1, - The Business Drivers


14:15   Ally Dingwall, Aquaculture and Fisheries Manager, Sainsburys plc.

           Consumer Expectations of Shellfish


14:45   Rod Cappell, Poseidon Resource Consultants

           Critical Mass to Assist Shellfish Production Economics - Scottish Research Findings


Conference Session 2 - The International Perspective


15:40   Andrew Holmes, Divisional Manager, Neogen Europe

           Rapid Testing to Optimise Shellfish Safety


16:15   Andy de Paola, Oyster producer and ex USFDA

           Oyster Production in the Gulf of Mexico and Regulatory Controls


Day 2 - October 27th October


Conference Session 3 - Working with environmental challenges


09:15   Carlos Campos, ShellEye Project, CEFAS

           Satellite Tracking of Algal Blooms and Water Quality


09:40   Sarah Brown, c2w, Marine Resource Consultants

           Biosecurity Planning for Multiple Stakeholders - The Loch Creran Experience


10:05   Kati Michalek, CACHE Project, SAMS

           Environmental Variables and Mussel Stocks


Conference Session 4 - Scottish Initiatives


10:50   Michael Tait and Danny Cowing, NAFC, Shetland

           Blue Mussel - Pilot Hatchery Developments


11:20   Robin Shields, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre

           Innovation and Scottish Shellfish Production - (Extra presentation here also)


11:45   Andrew Rowley, ARCH UK

           Research Support and Industry Development


12:10   Donna Fordyce, Seafood Scotland

           Promotion of Scottish Shellfish


12:35   Stewart Graham, Chair, Scottish Aquaculture Industry Leadership Group (AILG)

          The Aquaculture Indusry Leadership Group



The ASSG is immensely grateful for the sponsorship of Crown Estate Scotland and the co-sponsorship of SeaFish Industry Authority and Marine Scotland without which the conference would not be possible.

"Scottish Cultivated Shellfish – New Horizons"

ASSG Conference Oban 2017 - Charges


ASSG Member day rate £50

Non-ASSG Member day rate £75

Standard trade show stand – including two delegates’ registrations £220

Large trade show stand - including two delegates’ registrations £330

Conference dinner, including service charge and glass of wine £45

Student concession day rate £40

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