Key Websites/ Web Pages

GB Non-Native Species Secretariat

Marine Pathways Project

Scottish Natural Heritage

Clyde Forum

The Green Blue

Invasive Species Ireland

Marine Non-native Species and the Law

a) England and Wales
Wildlife and Countryside Act

W&C Act Schedule 9 Species

Infrastructure Act (2015) Part 4

b) Scotland
Wildlife and Countryside Act (Scotland)

Wildlife and Natural Environment (Scotland) Act

Code of Practice On Non-Native Species

SNH website
i) General

ii) Species Control Orders

iii) Native Range

c) European Union
EU Alien Species Regulation

Biosecurity guidance
GB Non-Native Species Secretariat

Firth of Clyde Forum
a) Guidance on Marine Biosecurity Planning
b) Marine Biosecurity Planning – Best Practice – a literature review
c) A biosecurity plan for the Firth of Clyde

HACCP (Hazard analysis and Critical Control Point) Manual

Invasive Species Ireland
Aquaculture Code of Good Practice
Marina Operators Code of Good Practice
Water Users Code of Good Practice

The Green Blue
Antifoul and Invasive Species
The Green Guide to Boat Washdown

Cefas Biosecurity Measures Guidance
Shellfish biosecurity measures plan

Finfish biosecurity measures plan

Industry Guidance
Oil and Gas Industry Guidelines for Prevention and Management of Alien Species

IMO Biofouling Guidelines to Minimise Transfer of Invasive Aquatic Species

Training and Identification Guides
Annual Marine Identification Workshop on Non-Native Species based at Scottish Association for Marine Science, Oban
GB Non Native Species Secretariat – Identification Guides & Images

Firth of Clyde Forum Marine Invasive Non-Native Species Identification Guide

MBA Marine Aliens Project – Identification Guide

Guidance on reporting non-native species

Clyde Forum

GB Non-native Species Secretariat

Scottish Natural Heritage

Rapid Response and Contingency Plans

GB NNSS Website – Species Alert Page (see Asian Hornet Rapid Response Plan)

Gyrodactylus salaris Contingeny Plan