Day 1 – October 26th

12:10 – Mr Fergus Ewing MSP, Minister for the Rural Economy and Connectivity

Conference Session 1, – The Business Drivers

14:15 – Ally Dingwall, Aquaculture and Fisheries Manager, Sainsburys plc.
Consumer Expectations of Shellfish

14:45 – Rod Cappell, Poseidon Resource Consultants
Critical Mass to Assist Shellfish Production Economics – Scottish Research Findings

Conference Session 2 – The International Perspective

15:40 – Andrew Holmes, Divisional Manager, Neogen Europe
Rapid Testing to Optimise Shellfish Safety

16:15 – Andy de Paola, Oyster producer and ex USFDA
Oyster Production in the Gulf of Mexico and Regulatory Controls

Day 2 – October 27th October

Conference Session 3 – Working with environmental challenges

09:15 – Carlos Campos, ShellEye Project, CEFAS
Satellite Tracking of Algal Blooms and Water Quality

09:40 – Sarah Brown, c2w, Marine Resource Consultants
Biosecurity Planning for Multiple Stakeholders – The Loch Creran Experience

10:05 – Kati Michalek, CACHE Project, SAMS
Environmental Variables and Mussel Stocks

Conference Session 4 – Scottish Initiatives

10:50 – Michael Tait and Danny Cowing, NAFC, Shetland
Blue Mussel – Pilot Hatchery Developments

11:20 – Robin Shields, Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre
Innovation and Scottish Shellfish Production – Download extra presentation

11:45 – Andrew Rowley, ARCH UK
Research Support and Industry Development

12:10 – Donna Fordyce, Seafood Scotland
Promotion of Scottish Shellfish

12:35 – Stewart Graham, Chair, Scottish Aquaculture Industry Leadership Group (AILG)
The Aquaculture Indusry Leadership Group

The ASSG is immensely grateful for the sponsorship of Crown Estate Scotland and the co-sponsorship of SeaFish Industry Authority and Marine Scotland without which the conference would not be possible.

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