Membership of the ASSG offers numerous benefits to
shellfish growers and those in allied sectors:


Initiatives of immediate importance to the shellfish cultivation sector are routinely raised with Scottish Government Ministers and officials. Regular contact is maintained through the Marine Scotland convened Shellfish Working Group with the aim to progress the operational requirements or overcome constraints faced by the industry.

Close liaison with relevant organisations

Joint working with the various agencies of the Scottish Government including the Crown Estate Scotland, Food Standards Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency ensures that the views of the shellfish cultivation sector are registered with the appropriate bodies.

At a local level Regional Marine Planning Partnerships are engaged to ensure the physical requirements for shellfish farm developments are actively considered. There is also a more site-specific ability to advise members seeking the relevant permissions to establish cultivation businesses. 

Communication and Dissemination of specialist knowledge

The wider issues of shellfish processing, industry staff development and research and training requirements of our sector involve liaison with bodies such as the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, Sea Fish Industry Authority, Enterprise Agencies and the rural industries training provider LANTRA.

The ASSG will always provide an authoritative view to media and general public enquiries regarding the activities of the shellfish farming sector and the inter relationship with the Scottish marine coastal environment.

keeping members informed

The Grower Newsletter is a quarterly publication from the ASSG team which ensures that members are kept informed of both national and international developments concerning bivalve shellfish and the interactions with their environment, along with other associated marine interests and developments. The communication attracts a considerable national and international readership through electronic distribution with ASSG members receiving an advanced hard copy for reference.

annual Conference and workshops

In order to ensure a wider perspective is maintained the ASSG convenes once a year for its conference and dinner held in Oban. This event attracts a wide range of delegates and international interests including diverse presentations based on other countries shellfish producers’ experiences – together with equipment and trade service suppliers to the industry. The dinner is a highlight of the trade year and ensures growers get the opportunity to catch up with their fellow producers along with government officials, researchers and a range of support sector interests. Membership of the ASSG ensures a reduced entrance fee to this event and any grower workshops held during the year. Such events are often convened to address specific issues identified as impacting shellfish businesses or encouraging an improved production process.


 Supporting R&D and Industry promotion

The ASSG seeks to work closely with aligned research programmes through government or University research initiatives. In collaboration with the Fishmongers’ Company the ASSG is currently sponsoring a dedicated PhD research studentship investigating shellfish larval dispersion and also through a SAIC MSc studentship programme assisting research into the role of bivalve shellfish cultivation within a green carbon economy. Where research has a direct practical application to the development of the Scottish shellfish cultivation industry and the commercial businesses involved the ASSG will always seek to provide dedicated experience from individual growers, operational support and technical knowledge where appropriate.

Collective representation encouraging business development

The ASSG seeks to provide all it’s member businesses with the most appropriate support through collective representations at an appropriate level. It is possible to benefit from this collective expertise through membership and also to contribute to the running of the Association which is a registered limited company.

The initiatives undertaken are steered through the ASSG Management Committee elected annually by the Membership (Producers and Associates) and so all have the opportunity to contribute to this dedicated trade association for the Scottish shellfish cultivation industry.

Supporter members are encouraged from non-business interests on the basis of shared values of environmental safeguarding and the wider benefits to society of shellfish cultivation and consumption.

Membership Categories

Annual Membership – Categories include:

Processor Membership


Producer (Establish business or trader)


Associate Producer (Start-up Business)


Supporter Member (Non business interest)


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