New Options for the Shellfish Industry?

New options for the shellfish industry.

 A further Crown Estate Scotland commissioned report in what has become a series of helpful reports related to the Scottish shellfish industry has just been published (October 2021). This one, “Alternative markets for farmed Scottish shellfish and associated requirements” looks at the stated ambition of Scottish shellfish to increase production significantly and how it may be achieved.” 

One idea the authors suggest is to utilise East Coast sites with a view of providing shellfish to slightly different markets than directly to the consumer as at present. Seen above is part of this change in practice as Cromarty Mussels Ltd produce seed mussels for Shetland Mussels Ltd.

Part of the report is presented as powerpoint slides in two separate appendices, Appendix 1, alternative markets and Appendix 2 market prospects for nutra/pharmaceutical products

Other reports have covered a study on critical mass for viable farmed mussel businesses and on ecosystem services provided by shellfish.

For further information on this and other news read this issue of The Grower!

Above: The workboat the Pegasus, all the way from Shetland collecting mussel seed in the Cromarty Firth.

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