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Aquaculture Awards 2015

Following the success of The Crown Estate’s 2011 and 2013 Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards, The Scottish Marine Aquaculture Awards 2015 are now launched, where the search is on to find the best of the best in Scotland’s marine aquaculture industry.

The closing date for entries is 9th March 2015.

Full details are on www.marineaquacultureawards.com and the ASSG encourages memebrs to enter! Contact us if you need more guidance on how to write your winning entry!

The ASSG flew the flag for shellfish aquaculture at the recent sell-out Aquaculture 2014 in Aviemore, at the end of May. Seen at the stand in the picture above, from left, Dr Nick Lake, CEO, Mr Alan Mackenzie, business correspondent for The Grower, Craig Burton of Seafish/Seafood Scotland and prospective ASSG members Jane Grant and son Philip Grant of Scot-Hatch.

Aviemore show May 2014

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new Chief Executive, Dr Nick Lake. He has been in the post from the 1st April 2014, so has nearly completed his first year!

Nick comes from a strong background in the shellfish growing world. In recent years he has been doing a great deal of work in marine fisheries too and since many of our members have a similar background in fisheries that is all to the good.

Nick is very keen to get back to the shellfish world and to engage with members and related organisations. He is based near Inverness which should be a good location for being accessible to all growers in Scotland. He is looking forward to meeting up again with members and potential members.

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